Our Vision

A place for good scientists to become great science professionals.

Our Mission

To provide practical educational videos, field guides, knowledge tests,
professional certifications, and employment connections.

The Need

In the field sciences, there is a need for clear knowledge of best common practices. The founders of PCS see a demand for educational resources that fill the gap between a university education and solid employment. PCS also recognizes a need to provide the public with an understanding of common techniques and methods used in the field sciences today.


Our major focus is to provide professional understanding of standards within every field science. In archaeology, for example, basics and fundamentals of Cultural Resource Management are frequently not taught in many university settings. Students graduate from college and are often thrown into the field with little knowledge of how their industry works. We are a means to fill that gap. PCS, will provide helpful educational videos, resources, and techniques that allow practitioners to learn many of these missing elements.


Another need is for professional recognition. Certification will be a major part of PCS. This will provide a level of verification and understanding of best common practices within the field sciences.

There will be a number of levels of certification, and those certifications will be created to provide reliable and well developed methods that reflect understanding and familiarity with standard practices necessary for all levels of professional science. The focus will be on life-long learning and professional development, to provide a way of knowledge and provide a way for employers to recognize skills and talents in a dependable manner.


Finally, PCS is a place where employers can find great employees. Since we are providing the training, it only makes sense that we also provide a place to connect employers with well-trained job seekers. PCS is a place where professionals come to post and find jobs. With our job board, we provide a clear, organized, and efficient method for employment. And this is just the start. There is a lot more to come in the future!