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Prehistoric Artifacts

Introduction to Lithics

From flake stages to material types - it's almost everything you wanted to know about flakes.

Historic Artifacts

Introduction to Bottles

From manufacturing methods to mold seams to maker's marks, this video covers everything you need to know to get started on historic bottles.

Introduction to Tin Cans

This basic introduction highlights the origins of the tin can and some common types.


Introduction to the Compass

We discuss the different kinds of compasses out there and what works best in certain situations.

Introduction to Lodging

Learn how to maximize your quality of life and comfort when living on the road.


Professional Development

The Cover Letter

Learn the parts of a cover letter and what to put in one.

The Resume and CV

An introduction to a basic tool.


Introduction to Soil Textures

What are the 12 primary soil classifications and which ones can you determine in the field using the hand method?

Introduction to the Munsell Book.

Use a Munsell Color for everything from soil color to ceramic colors.

Introduction to Geological Landforms

We cover all the basics in this introductory video.


Introduction to Pedestrian Survey

What is a block survey? What is a Linear Survey? How are they different?

Introduction to Shovel Testing

What is a shovel test and what parts of the country do they do them in?

Introduction to Field Gear

We introduce the basic gear that any environmental field scientist could use.